• Marco Vega


I received my digital diploma today. I am now a “Master” of Acting. My pathway has been long, unpredictable, and miraculous. Because even though I worked my ass off to get where I am; miracles both large and small also got me here. I never even intended to do more school after high school; I was always getting in trouble in class. But then I won a scholarship to SUU via a High School Shakespeare Competition. I went to SUU; became a Classical Acting BFA. - only to be kicked out of the BFA my senior year. This also happened to be the first year the Utah Shakespeare Festival cast me in their Summer Season. “Screw school!“ I thought. I then worked four consecutive seasons before I met Jack. Jack saw that I was still sitting on a “half-chewed“ BFA, and he took enough interest to tell me a story. The story he told was mine. He reflected to me where I was - where I could go. The deadline to enroll in school happened to be the following few days. Not only did I happen to sign up for classes, but every single credit I needed could be fulfilled in one school year. I couldn‘t miss a single beat. I started waking up early. I still wake up early. I was waking up at 4:30am everyday - working out, doing homework, and eating before class. I‘d get home after class and dream about the story Jack told me. I could get a masters degree on a scholarship - and then my ability to do the work I love would solidify. I could actually, maybe, make a career out of this. I auditioned for schools that same year; getting accepted to the same school as my good friend from Utah Shakes, Eric; The University of San Diego. On top of getting married, that really made 2017 a good year for me. We moved to San Diego, where I really got the training of a lifetime! Really, my seven classmates, Group 32, and the new department head - A Hispanic male, who wasn’t afraid to engage with me, I couldn’t ask for a better combination. Things we’re looking up - graduation on the way, hungry for the work. Then covid. Then cancer.

Mad sorrow.

But I’m a lifetime learner. Every step of my day is now my training - learning to walk again in this world, for me, is hard. I can only go slow. Steady. We have to train ourselves in this new context. It will be hard. For me, incredibly hard. But one step at a time you can climb over the largest of obstacles. Nothing will feel great immediately, but I also won’t die immediately. One heavy step at a time. That‘s my job. Step. No grand effort, for, I cannot alone “save the day”. All I can do for now will be enough - I just can’t stop. Please, don’t you stop either. Those little Miracles are ahead just as they were behind.

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