• Marco Vega

"385 south"

I need to put this here.

This is my MFA thesis. I am a proud member of USD's Group 32. We held it down. I was blessed with an education that I can say my classmates and I did not fail to take advantage of; nay. We seized every moment. Everything that was brought before us was devoured; we were hungry. We leveled up with each challenge and created an ensemble that could rival many. This group of baddies was about to hit the market then

Pandemic. All that we had planned on failed on us. Leaving me, personally, feeling disjointed. I miss my group. Could I revive what we had. I felt like my hands were full of these new tools and superpowers then suddenly I had nothing.

Except this. This is currently what remains of the many of the hopes I had walking into grad school, the craft of the story telling of my very own.

I need to put this here. Take it up.

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