• Marco Vega


I have to say, this past visit to Puerto Rico, (Fyi the Pre-Spanish name of the island is Borinquen.), has shown me the true strength and resilience of the people there. There are visible scars from hurricanes almost everywhere you look, and those scars pale in comparison to the wounds they continue to suffer due to a political war against them. (I stand by those fighting words.) And although they stand subservient to the mercy of Uncle Sam, they know what it’s like to help their neighbors gather up their life and rebuild. That action, repeated over and over, builds empathy within a community. They know and care about the stories of those around them. El pueblo. And it makes their countenance glow.

Brinquen is radiant.

I almost plead with you to see that light. To care. And not even just for them, care about your neighbors. Understand that everyone is under some extreame circumstances - assist them. Lend a hand where you can, extend even the smallest amount of patience and grace to someone. That’s how we all glow.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. 🇵🇷

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