• Marco Vega

Its been a while…

Wow. Trying to cater to some invisible audience, like I do, it seems impossible to connect all the dots. But still I try.

When last we spoke(?) I was at USF for their 2021 season. (Tons of fun, all summer long without my wife, but still.)

I wasn’t ready for things to change so fast.

Cause then I had about a week before my next gig. I wasn’t even allowed to talk about it. This next gig would be my biggest “stage” yet. And coming from a 2020 covid MFA “graduation”; I was denied any sort of launch or platform to base my career off. I was hopeful and excited in some ways, but I’ll admit, even now, I’m hesitant to say.

I was a “butler” for the “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2”, which now they’re calling “Ex-Housewives”.

I will have so much to say about this later but for now, it comes out on June 23rd on Peacock.

(Don’t judge me too harshly; one week paid my rent.)

After all that craziness, (trust me, it was crazy), my wife and I needed a little getaway to Puerto Rico. We stayed for a couple weeks but it really helped me see how much this island does me good.


I got part 107 certified to legally fly a UAS (drones) in prep for our short film. (Flying drones is way too fun.)

Then, I went off to Oregon with Strange Trio Productions to film The Bootstrap Cafe!

Then, back to Puerto Rico! Where I’m at now.

Anyway, reach out, I’m still here.

Can’t wait to see you again.


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