• Marco Vega

Something Strange

One summer morning, gathered at a local coffee shop in Cedar City, Utah, we ironed out the details for a trip to Puerto Rico.


We weren't sure. But it had to happen; we had to go.

The trip felt surreal. Such a strange trio to see traveling around PR. We had really just met the summer previous. But we respected each other and grew to truly love the work we do.

Collaborating on story.

Really, this just means we're perfecting the art of listening, reflecting, and asking questions. We kept meeting and creating space for our work. The more we gave space, allowed time, and discovered our story through difficult questions, we fell in love with the words on the page. We had to keep going.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign and reached our 6k goal in 9 days!

"The Bootstrap Cafe" will be filmed in 2022. It's happening. And mostly because we each keep showing up and holding space for this work we believe in.

Please, follow the journey. Keep an eye out.

And even if it all comes out strange, it is something that will happen because it just has to.

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